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Bulgaria Health Care and Vaccinations

Title Special precautions
Diphtheria Sometimes
Hepatitis A Yes
Malaria No
Rabies Sometimes
Tetanus Yes
Typhoid Sometimes
Yellow Fever No

Health Care

If European visitors are suddenly taken ill or have an accident during a visit to Bulgaria, free or reduced-cost necessary treatment is available - in most cases on production of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). All nationals are advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance.

Food and Drink

Tap water is safe and drinkable, but some travellers may prefer to drink bottled water for the first few days of their stay. Milk is pasteurised and dairy products are safe for consumption. All food is prepared with a good level of hygiene.

Other Risks

Hepatitis B is endemic. Hepatitis C may occur. Tick-borne encephalitis exists. Immunisation against tuberculosis is sometimes recommended.

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