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Bulgaria Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Bulgaria

The main shopping area of Sofia is on both sides of bulvard Vitosha Boulevard. Bulgarian products, clothes, shoes, handicrafts, wines, spirits and confectionery can all be purchased. Graf Ignatiev Street and Pirotska Street are busy streets with local clothes and electrical stores.

Shopping Note

Many supermarkets are open all day, everyday.


Shopping hours

General shops Mon-Sat 1000-2000; shopping malls Mon-Sun 1000-2200.

Nightlife in Bulgaria

Some restaurants have folk dancing and music. Opera is performed at the State Opera House in Sofia, as well as in Plovdiv and other cities. You can also listen to classical concerts performed by local orchestras or the National Folk Ensemble.

Bulgaria has a thriving nightclub and bar scene, with Sofia, Bourgas, Plovdiv and other resorts pumping out great music including the locally popular chalga (home-grown gypsy/dance/techno music) and international sounds. Good 'what's on' guides on major cities and resorts can be found in tourist offices and hotels.

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