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Croatia Food and Drink

Though the Adriatic is mostly associated with the culinary titan that is Italy, Croatia's coast is also renowned for its variety of seafood dishes. Italian influence is strong in this region, while inland areas abound with steaks and hearty stews. Freshwater fish is prominent on menus in Slavonia.

You’ll find exquisite cakes and desserts all over the country, with a mix of gelato, pancakes, pastries, torta, and even baklava. Croatia produces plenty of wine, with the best reds generally coming from the Pelješac peninsula, and the best whites usually produced in eastern Slavonia and in Istria. Most towns boast a great pizzeria, too.


Pršut i paški sir: Air-dried ham similar to Italian prosciutto and sheep's cheese from the island of Pag.
Salata od hobotnice: Octopus salad with potato, onion, chopped parsley, garlic and lemon.
Crni riýot: Black risotto made from cuttlefish, cooked in its own ink.
Janjetina: Roast lamb, often cooked whole on a spit.
Tartufi: Truffles, found widely in Istria.
Fuži: Pasta, where the dough has been rolled into a cylinder and often filled, typical in Istria.
Salata od jastoga: Salad of lobster served with herbs and olive oil.
Grah: Soup of paprika-spiced haricot beans with sausage pieces.
Pariški odrezak: A pork or veal schnitzel fried in batter, or stuffed with cheese and ham (Zagreb schnitzel).
Strukli: Boiled parcels of dough filled with cottage cheese, or baked in earthenware, resulting in a kind of cheese lasagne-cum-pastry.
Rožata: Croatia's take on crème caramel, typical of Dubrovnik.
Beer: Best known brands include Pan, Karlovacko and Ozujsko (lagers), plus Tomislav (a dark beer).
Wine: Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by Croatia’s wine offering, which includes Plavac Mali (red) and whites such as Malvazija, Grasevina, and Posip.
Fruit brandy: Ubiquitous in Croatia, locals know this potent tipple as rakija. Look out for walnut brandy, plum brandy and grape brandy.


5% to 10% is sufficient (and is expected in the more upmarket restaurants), otherwise just round up the bill.

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