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Switzerland Shopping and nightlife

Shopping in Switzerland

Special purchases include embroidery and linen, Bernese woodcarving, chocolate, cheese, Swiss army knives and luxury handmade clocks and watches. Zürich is the shopping capital, centred on the luxury boutiques and department stores of the celebrated Bahnhofstrasse Boulevard.

Shopping hours

Mon-Fri 0800/0830 or 0900-1200 and 1400-1830 or 1900, Sat 0800-1600/1700. Many smaller shops, particularly in rural areas, are closed on Monday mornings. Shops in smaller cities are closed for 1 to 2 hours around noon.

Nightlife in Switzerland

Most major towns and resorts have nightclubs. There is a symphony orchestra in every main city, and some bars and restaurants have local folk entertainment. Zürich is the country's top nightspot, with an array of trendy bars and a flourishing avant-garde club scene, closely followed by Lausanne and Geneva. During winter months, many ski resorts (including Verbier and Zermatt) offer a lively après-ski party atmosphere.

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