United Kingdom Food and Drink

Iconic cakes, splendid sandwiches and heart-warming stews all hail from the United Kingdom. Don't miss tea and cake or, for a fancy occasion, try the full-blown afternoon tea, with three-tiered plates of sandwiches, cakes and scones.

Another fine UK institution is breakfast, and although there are plenty of coffee shops selling US-style muffins and bagels, the full-on British breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes) served with a cuppa can be found in cafés lovingly called “greasy spoons” or in pubs with an early licence.

Chefs from the UK, such as Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, have found international fame and fortune, while fine and experimental cuisine can be found in most cities – but this usually comes with a high price tag.


In hotels, a service charge of 10 to 12% is usual, which may be added to the bill. For restaurants, 10 to 15% is standard; if this has already been added to the bill, a further tip is not required.

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