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Indonesian island hopping: 11 of the best islands

Indonesia's accessible island chains allow travellers in search of blissful beach scenes and tropical adventure to island-hop to their heart's content

Top 10 Christmas markets in Europe

Head to one of these markets in the run-up to Christmas and experience all the delights the season has to offer

Bike-friendly cities around the world

Cycling is kind to your health, your wallet and the environment; it is also an excellent way to take in the city

Applying for ETIAS

From November 2023, non-EU visitors to Europe's Schengen member countries will need to apply for ETIAS or a Schengen visa

A guide to Schengen visas

A guide to Schengen visas, the costs, the application process and a full list of countries whose nationals must apply or are exempted

16 lesser-known but Instagram-worthy European cities

Forget big cities like Amsterdam and London, we find 16 smaller but stunning cities in Europe that can light up your Instagram and rack up likes

Experience Croatia on the water

Sun-kissed Croatia is most magical when seen from its turquoise waters, says

Cruising with

When you're cruising the Med on board a gulet, you're in for an unforgettable experience.

Holiday on a budget: 21 great travel tips

If you’re craving a break but feeling the squeeze, don’t panic. It’s possible to travel on a budget without compromising on quality

Top 26 beaches for less confident swimmers

You don't need an Olympic gold medallist's front crawl skills to make the most of a holiday by the sea

Getting high: 13 of the best adrenaline activities

From death-defying heights to nail-biting adventures, these adrenaline activities will definitely get your heart pumping

Alternative activities to spice up your Paris visit

Beyond iconic sights, the streets of Paris reveal a smattering of pleasant surprises and here is how to find them

The 12 weird but wonderful wellness retreats

We round up unique retreats that adventurers seek out to soothe both body and mind

Seven days in Marrakech

Make the most of a week in Marrakech, including day trips to Ourika and the Atlas Mountains, with our seven-day guide and travel tips

My secret London

London has a curious air of quirkiness enhanced by a string of lesser-known nooks that locals have kept close to their chests, writes Thomas Clarke

19 of the best British seaside towns and holidays

The Great British beach holiday is back in vogue, so we round up the best coastal resorts for a sun and fun holiday in England, Wales and Scotland

Bathe thyself: Searching for the ‘Kneipp Cure’ in Germany

Once upon a time, Europeans flocked to Germany in search of the 'Kneipp Cure' or Kneippism, so find out what it is and why it is popular again

Space tourism: Ground control to… anybody with a big enough bank balance

Rapid advances in technology mean that we're getting closer to a new era in space tourism

18 of the best art and culture festivals around the world

Discover the best art and culture festivals around the world through craft, comedy, dance, theatre and cultural performances

The 9 best dark tourism spots in Europe

From warfare to natural disasters, Europe has many bloody periods. Here are nine places where tourists can get stark reminders of the bleak history

A quick guide to Kochi Prefecture

In this quick guide, we are exploring Kochi Prefecture, along with its cultural and natural wonders

Discover the diversity of Kagawa Prefecture

The pretty Kagawa Prefecture and its Shodoshima Island are well worth a trip, as we explore Kagawa's delicacies and cultural highlights

13 of the best lost cities

Determined archaeologists have helped to uncover ancient lost cities and put them on the map again, and here are our top picks

Miyoshi, gateway to the unspoilt Iya Valley

Mountains, rivers, authentic villages and generous hospitality, Miyoshi offers travellers a chance to pause and reconnect

The 7 best cliché-free Valentine’s Day breaks

Valentine's Day can be more than roses and a candlelit dinner, here are the top seven cliché-free options to celebrate this Valentine's Day

Bolivia’s wrestling cholitas

In Bolivia, female wrestlers, known as cholitas, are tearing down stereotypes with their unique theatrical fighting shows

The 19 best stargazing sites in the world

Spending a night out admiring a blanket of stars gets easier in these quiet spots across six continents

13 strange Christmas traditions

From throwing of one's shoe to surfing Santa, these eccentric Christmas traditions range from the hilarious to the downright macabre

Poland’s great outdoors

From glorious mountaintops to graceful waterways, Poland's virtually untouched countryside gives you ample opportunity to explore

19 things to know before travelling to Cuba

Widely considered as one of the most unique holiday destinations, Cuba's rich culture and fascinating history have won many a tourist's heart

How to spend 24 hours in Bristol

Bristol rewards visitors with world-famous street art and cultural must-sees, here's your guide for a 24-hour whistle-stop tour around the city

Corsica travel guide

Nicknamed the ‘Île de Beauté’ (Island of Beauty), Corsica rewards visitors with blissful beaches and spectacular underwater world, read on for travel tips

Discover the treasures of Croatia on a charter yacht with Goolets

Enjoy a cruising experience in Croatia, with only the sound of the waves in the background

The 12 strangest museums around the world

This selection of weird and wonderful museums ranges from bizarre to macabre and all the way to silly - are you brave enough to set foot in any of them?

Travel experience during the COVID-19 pandemic

Amid this pandemic, some travellers are hitting the road once again and sharing their experiences with us

Holiday with Condor Ferries

Travel safely and reduce your carbon footprint to the Channel Islands from England and France with Condor Ferries

Classic themed holidays

Experience the world from a different perspective; here are 10 themed holiday destinations for foodies, art critics, party animals and nature lovers

10 things to see and do in Sarajevo

Sarajevo's many places of interest resulted from the scars of past conflicts, here are ten things to see and do that you shouldn't miss

16 things to know before travelling to Qatar

Qatar is set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup from 21 Nov 2022 to 18 Dec 2022. Before you go, here are the top 16 things to know

15 shrines and temples to visit in Japan

Stepped in heritage, thousands of shrines and temples dotted around Japan and here are 15 of the best shrines and temples to visit

How to cycle around the world

From the urban cities of Europe to the wilderness in Canada, cycling around the world is a possibility for some adventurers

16 things to know before travelling to Senegal

Palm-fringed beaches, colourful cities and a reputation for world-class hospitality, Senegal deserves a spot on any seasoned traveller’s bucket list

The 10 most scenic self-guided walking holidays in England

Blessed with ancient woodlands, rolling meadows and a rugged coastline, England’s stunning and varied landscapes offer excellent walking opportunities

How to avoid expensive travel mistakes

Great tips that can help you avoid eight common and expensive travel mistakes

Top 5 places to experience supernatural forces

Atlantis and the Kingdom of Asgard may be lost forever, but here are five places that you can still experience legends and supernatural forces

Three wonderfully bizarre Mexican festivals

It is not all skulls and tequila shots when it comes to festivals in Mexico, not when you have donkeys, radishes and candles compete to add fun

The 20 greenest destinations on Earth

From self-sufficient villages to pioneering national parks, we round up 20 of the world's greenest destinations

How to survive on a desert island

Far from just Hollywood fantasy, people have been stranded on desert islands with some living to tell the tale

Family holiday heaven: Guernsey

Welcome to the land of witches, werewolves, and gateways to other worlds. There's plenty in Guernsey to ensure that your family has a fairy-tale holiday

Top six tips: how to travel solo

Be it for adventure or cultural experiences, solo travel can be very liberating

Croatia and Greece: the island tours of a lifetime

Charter a yacht to spellbinding islands of Croatia and Greece, your guide to a dream trip made real by Goolets, the gulet expert

Top 5: Ultimate Caribbean beach escapes

Caribbean islands provide beach lovers with everything from lazy days to party nights, so find your unforgettable beach escape here

Masroor temple, India’s undiscovered wonder

There’s a certain dishevelled majesty to the crumbling shikharas (towers) and unfinished carvings at Masroor temple, in rural Kangra

Top 5: Animal volunteer programmes

If you have gone on a holiday to somewhere that inspired you to give back, then one of these animal volunteer programmes may stir you to take action

So you think you know Greece?

There’s more to Greece than sun, sea and ancient monuments. Try a farm stay that focuses on fleece-to-garment and farm-to-table experiences, writes Vivien Yap

Yacht Charter in Turkey: An unforgettable experience

Take in Turkey's terrific south-west coast as you glide along the Mediterranean in a chartered yacht, courtesy of the experts at Turkey Luxury Gulets

An essential guide to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, USA

Wild parties, fancy dress and colourful beads make Mardi Gras in New Orleans well worth visiting this 25 February

The 10 most romantic spots to kiss in England

With a diverse range of heart-achingly beautiful landscapes, England offers many gorgeous backdrops for romantic couples to embrace and share a special moment

Love: a year-round affair

Love is not a factory-manufactured product that is stamped with a specific 'best by' date; it's a sacred emotion and is celebrated on different days in other cultures

Skiing on a budget

Booking a ski or snowboard holiday does not have to cause a blizzard in your bank account, here are nine ways you can cut costs on the slopes

The 19 strangest places to ski

Hitting the slopes this winter and getting bored of mainstream ski resorts? From hermit kingdom to active volcano sites, here are the 19 strangest places to ski

Merry Christmas from World Travel Guide

The World Travel Guide would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Top 5: Indoor ski centres

Indoor ski centres provide a safe and snow-sure environment for you to hone your skills before venturing out to a ski resort

Top 10 luxury ski resorts around the world

Perfectly groomed slopes, Michelin-starred restaurants and celebrity spotting make these resorts the best for a swanky ski holiday

Colombia’s coffee paradise

Rumour has it that Colombians love their coffee more than anyone else, so the team at goes to Zona Cafetera (Coffee Zone) to investigate

Top 5: China’s bizarre copycat cities

China’s “knock-off” cities, built to resemble famous European and American cities like Venice and New York, have become tourist attractions in their own right

Vienna in December

Vienna transforms into an enchanting winter wonderland every December, so find out what you can do this holiday season in Vienna

10 things to see and do in Wrocław

With a feast of baroque architecture and Poland's liveliest nightlife, Wrocław is a winning city for more intrepid travellers

Scenic rail journeys: 16 of the world’s greatest train journeys

The World Travel Guide shares 16 of the greatest train journeys that the world has to offer from across six continents

Going underground: 22 of the world’s best subterranean sites

Venture beneath the surface to find a selection of sunken secrets, extraordinary experiences and buried boltholes across the globe

Pilgrimages and religious destinations

From dry riverbeds to lush mountaintops, here is a selection of famous and lesser-known religious destinations

Top 20 wonders of the underwater world

From barrier reefs and blue holes to seabed sculpture parks, we don our wet suits and explore 20 of the best underwater attractions

The complete guide to exploring the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains offer diverse scenery and here is what you need to know before visiting the Anti-Atlas, High Atlas and Middle Atlas sub-ranges

Journey into the heart of Mongolia

Remoteness is a big part of Mongolia’s appeal, but do you know where to begin?

Autumn in New York

Crisp autumn air and golden leaves provide a striking backdrop for New York as the city beckons visitors with festivals and cultural highlights

Top 5: Destinations fit for spies

Live out your secret agent dreams while you perfect your plotting with these spy-inspired destinations

Exploring Northern Ireland’s coastal route

Use this guide to plan for your road trips along Northern Ireland’s coastal route

Top 5: Cool movie locations

Movie lovers can use the locations of these popular Hollywood blockbusters as inspiration for their next getaway

Chase the sun on the cool island of Malta

Malta enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year, making it a perfect destination for sun, sand and culture, any time of the year

Island life in Ojika

You might not have heard of Ojika, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your travel radar  

Central European historic spas and resorts

Take a spa break in Central Europe where you can immerse yourself in history and the steamiest salubrious waters

Explore Scotland’s historic castles

Only a selection of Scotland’s 2000 castles is preserved, restored and open to the public. Here are 10 of the best historic castles in Scotland

From vandalism to masterpiece: Malaysia’s street art revolution

Street artists who would have once been arrested for vandalism in Malaysia now count among the country's rising creative stars

Should ‘we’ visit indigenous communities?

Visiting an indigenous community can offer great insight into local customs and cultures, but who is benefiting? World Travel Guide investigates

Camping in England’s churches

Since the initiative launched in 2015, the unique concept of “Champing™” has become increasingly more popular across England

Top 5: Chocoholic experiences

You can take your chocolate addiction worldwide with these chocoholic experiences, allowing you to live out your most appetising dessert-filled dreams

Top 5: Former Olympic sites to visit

The Olympic Games have become more than just a sporting event – it’s a feast of architectural design, where countries compete for the ultimate Olympic site

Touring the Lake District

The Lake District’s sweeping valleys, stone villages and pristine lakes lure millions of visitors each year, will you be one of them soon?

The best of France

It’s hard not to be enthralled by France – a destination of unrivalled discoveries that’s sure to transcend your every expectation

Indian safari

India’s national parks tick every box for amazing safari adventures: incredible game, magnificent grasslands and dramatic sunsets

Summer adventures in Switzerland

Trade your snowboard for sunglasses in Switzerland with our guide to snow-free summer fun, writes Lucy Levin

Quirky accommodations

If sleeping in a bed of ice or camping off the edge of a cliff sounds like your type of holiday, check out this list of unique accommodation

The wild camping survival guide

Forget designated campsites – wild camping is all about going off the grid. This guide covers what you need to know before your adventure

Boston with a twist

Lace up your shoes, unique Boston experiences are only a walk away, writes Lucy Levin

16 things to know before travelling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a vibrant chunk of the Central American isthmus and these helpful travel tips will help to prepare you for the trip of a lifetime

10 things to see and do in Baku

From charming historical sights to bubbling mud volcanoes, we seek out some of the more surprising highlights of Azerbaijan's little-visited capital

Cambodia: Beyond the temples of Angkor

As Cambodia emerges as a mainstream tourist destination, it’s time to look beyond Angkor and explore a few of the hidden gems

10 of the best night trains in Europe

European night trains are becoming something of an endangered species, but these 10 overnight sleeper trains are still holding strong on the continent

The complete guide to smoking marijuana in Amsterdam coffeeshops

Vivien Yap plays marijuana tourist in Amsterdam on the pretence of research to compile this complete guide to smoking weed in Amsterdam coffeeshops

10 of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

From kooky and psychedelic to laid-back and intimate, World Travel Guide rounds up ten of the best places in Amsterdam to smoke a legal joint

Take a cultural city break in Europe by rail

Budget flights aren’t really so cheap when you factor in all the add-ons, so why not travel by train instead and make the journey part of the adventure?

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

From ancient relics to awe-inspiring natural wonders, here is a list of amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites

Can Vistabella, a restful escape in Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for its club scene and partying millennials, but many elite travellers are seeking out its exclusive luxury resorts

How to build a city in 10 simple steps

We talk to city planners and architects to devise a checklist for building the perfect city in the 21st century

The 10 best places to do yoga in nature

Improve your core and find your tranquillity in the desert, the rainforest, on the beach or in the mountains

An invitation to listen to artistic intelligence 

Plovdiv shows off Deutsche Telekom's prestigious contemporary art collection from Apr 04 to Jun 30, 2019

Traditional Japanese Airbnbs in Kyoto

With its unique combination of traditional Japanese buildings and thriving modern culture, Kyoto is a city that straddles two different eras with elegant ease

Adrenaline activities A to Z

It’s time to leave your comfort zone and get your blood flowing, as we guide you through the alphabet of extreme activities around the world

22 things you must know before visiting Eilat (part 2)

Israel’s beach resort on the Red Sea Coast promises sun and fun, and these useful travel tips will help you make the most out of your holiday in Eilat

22 things you must know before visiting Eilat

Israel’s beach resort on the Red Sea Coast promises sun and fun, and these useful travel tips will help you make the most out of your holiday in Eilat

15 things to know before travelling to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is beautiful, authentic and a cultural gem, these useful travel tips will help you make the most out of your time in this sun-kissed island nation

Classic hikes (10 of the best hikes from around the world)

The world is laced with scenic hiking trails so it’s time to dust off your hiking boots and step outdoors

Five ways to enjoy Costa Rica

From navigating a leafy rainforest to cooling off in a sun-drenched surf, Costa Rica is captivating, beautiful and truly diverse

Murakami: Seaside town with a difference

Rich in history and famous for salmon, beef and tea, Murakami should be on every discerning foodie and culture buff’s list, as World Travel Guide explains

Nakatsugawa: the Nakasendo Trail and beyond

Escape the bustling, high-tech cities of Japan and experience true Zen in the lush valley of Nakatsugawa

Responsible travel

Travelling responsibly is achievable with these nine tips from World Travel Guide

22 reasons why you should fall in love with Estonia

The smallest and arguably most scenic of the three Baltic States, Estonia is wildly beautiful with some rather quirky traditions to surprise

22 reasons why you should fall in love with Estonia (part 2)

The smallest and arguably most scenic of the three Baltic States, Estonia is wildly beautiful with some rather quirky traditions to surprise

The buzzing culture of Osaka and beyond

Old-world charm meets bold, modern culture in Osaka, this bustling and friendly city will surprise you at every turn

Hottest ski destinations

Its winter, which means it’s time to don your woolly hat and wax your skis, as we share the best ski resorts to visit this year

Spotlight on Plovdiv

Plovdiv takes centre stage this year as European Capital of Culture, offering a plethora of artistic activities and enlivening entertainment

Peru: Secrets of the Amazon

Wind your way up the Peruvian Amazon where the jungles hide a wealth of natural remedies and exotic wildlife

Top 5 luxury accommodation in Eswatini (Swaziland)

Beehive huts, botanical gardens and sleeping in the bush, safari-goers can stay at stylish lodges and camps with modern comfort in Eswatini

What to see & do in Yokohama and Kanagawa Prefecture

As Japan hosts the 2019 Rugby World Cup, we explore Yokohama, the cradle of Japanese rugby, and other attractions in Kanagawa Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture: saddle up for one of the world’s most beautiful bays

Ancient Buddhist temples and Tateyama Mountain range fringed by beaches that glow in the dark: cycle through the stunning Toyama Prefecture to see them all

Do you need a visa for Cuba?

In most cases you will need a Cuba tourist card or visa to enter the country, but the process is relatively straightforward

Spotlight on Brazil

Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach or partying till the early morning, here are some of the best cities to get a taste of the Brazilian lifestyle

The 10 most dangerous cities worth visiting

If you’re looking for a holiday with a bit more bite, then these so-called dangerous cities might be right up your street

Iceland: Land of fire and ice

North Iceland’s Myvatn area is peppered with snowy landscapes and bubbling mud flats, truly reinforcing Iceland’s reputation as the land of ice and fire

Paradise isle: Madeira

Off the coast of Portugal lies one of the prettiest destinations this side of Europe. Here’s what to do in the gorgeous island of Madeira

Do you need a visa to the United States?

Depending on where you are travelling from, you may fall under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), in which case you do not require a visa, subject to conditions.

24 hours in New York City

Fast-paced, vibrant and bursting with attractions, New York City invites you to take a bite out of the Big Apple - even if you only have 24 hours to spare

Loire Valley celebrates 500 years of the French Renaissance

The French Renaissance was one of the great artistic movements of its time and the Loire Valley celebrates 500 years of Renaissance with many events in 2019

Last orders? London’s 12 best historic boozers

England's historic boozers are an increasingly rare sight, but if you know where to look there are still a few hanging around, despite the best efforts of many property developers

The other end of luxury: Hotels with unusual amenities

With hotels looking for more ways of standing out from the crowd, the services offered are interesting to say the least. Here are a few of the best options

20 islands you never knew existed

When you're isolated from the mainland, pretty much anything goes. Literally. Just to prove it, here are 20 islands that show just how wild it can get out there

Thailand’s magical Loi Krathong Festival

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand this autumn, don’t miss Loi Krathong, one of the country’s oldest and most significant festivals

Flying high: how to get an upgrade

With a bit of knowledge, you can snag yourself a flight upgrade from the economy class to business class and here are a few useful tips

The best safaris in Eswatini (Swaziland)

With wild rhinos, horseback adventures and thrilling zip-lines on offer, Eswatini (Swaziland) should be your next safari destination

Trips and tips for single travellers

From suggestive dating holidays, affordable group vacations with strangers to living with locals, we round up the best trips and tips for solo travellers

Three days in Rome

Experience towering ancient architecture, glorious marble statues and some of the best pasta and gelato you’ve ever tasted

Japan’s best-kept secret: the gorgeous beaches of Takahama town

You’ve probably never heard of Takahama town in Fukui Prefecture, but its glorious beaches are a hard secret to keep

New York’s 10 best LGBT+ nightlife venues

New York City is your haven for immersing yourself in the freedom and expression of the LGBT+ community, writes Aubri McCarter

Living like a local in the Maldives

As the Maldives welcomes tourism to its inhabited islands, Heidi Fuller-Love embraces the invitation, island hops and meets locals in three remote islands

Soaring over Vilnius, plus 14 other offbeat things to see and do in Vilnius

With a hypnotic blend of medieval Old Town, stirring history, edgy street art and progressive culture, Vilnius is a rewarding place to visit, writes Vivien Yap

Top cycling routes in Wales

Wales is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and there’s no better way to see it than on a bike

10 reasons to visit eSwatini (Swaziland)

eSwatini is a hidden gem only a few hours from South Africa, here are 10 reasons to visit this exciting holiday destination

Britain’s best train journeys

From chugging through the Scottish Highlands, to swooshing along the East Coast of England, here are Britain’s best train rides

Does voluntourism do more harm than good?

Hundreds of commercial volunteering organisations offer volunteer spots in developing countries, but are volunteers actually providing any benefits?

Undiscovered Ethiopia: Abuna Yemata Guh in Tigray

Tigray, the northernmost region of Ethiopia, boasts over 100 ancient rock churches and a climb to Abuna Yemata Guh is a test of faith, writes Vivien Yap

11 things to know before travelling to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic promises sun and fun, and these useful travel tips will help you make the most out of your holiday in the Caribbean paradise

48 hours in Israel – an itinerary fit for a Prince

Roll out the red carpet; Prince William heads to Israel for an eventful 48 hours, you can recreate the itinerary with more free time and less pomp

A glorious break in Guernsey

Sail to Guernsey, an island in the English Channel, on a Condor ferry and be richly rewarded with historical sights and fine beaches, writes Vivien Yap

Rum, rhythm, and other reasons to visit Havana

Five days of Cuban rum, vintage chromed cars, a vibrant scene of music, art and dance give having a good time in Havana a new meaning, as Robin Brown discovers

The best souvenirs you’ve picked up from your holidays

World Travel Guide invited our readers to share the best souvenirs they had picked up from their holidays

The best activities in Falmouth

Planning a much-needed break? Falmouth in Cornwall makes for a great escape from London, as Robin Brown rounds up the best activities in Falmouth

28 reasons to visit Amsterdam

World Travel Guide shares 28 reasons to visit Amsterdam and partake in its endless experiences fit for first-timers and old hands

What to do when your cruise holidays go wrong?

One of our writers, Vivien Yap, finds out that she can’t do much after a holiday is ruined, as she shares her experiences

The 10 best cities for digital nomads

Want to be a freelancer? Check out the 10 best cities for freelancers and digital nomads

Touchdown in Iceland for an epic adventure

Ever considered a stopover in 'the land of fire and ice'? Robin Brown finds out why making a weekend of it in Iceland on your way to North America is a great idea

All You Need to Know About Swaziland’s 50/50 Celebrations

With the 50/50 Celebrations falling on 19 April, Zahia Siab heads to Swaziland to see what this epic cultural event had to offer

Iceland By Air – Iceland Sightseeing in a Boeing 737 Max 8

Robin Brown embarks on the celebration flight of Icelandair's latest addition to their fleet, the Boeing 737 max 8

Which Caribbean island is perfect for you?

With over 7,000 islands to choose from, we pick the best for every traveller, whether you're a thrill-seeker, a romantic or a history lover

Salsa Cruise to Havana

The Salsa Cruise becomes the first Latin charter to sail to Cuba accompanied by its electric vibe and the warm Caribbean climate

An insider’s guide to driving to the south of France

If you find a drive to the south of France a daunting prospect, don't despair. French driving expert Andrew Sanger shows us how to make the journey worthwhile

The 20 quirkiest places to stay in Britain

Looking for lodgings with a difference? Then have a look through our guide for the most unusual accommodations in Britain

Top 10 music festivals around the world

Whether you want to headbang to heavy metal, sway to reggae or enjoy folk music with your family, here is our rundown of the world’s top 10 music festivals

Make time for Falmouth

Soft green land, bright blue sea and abundant marine wildlife are the very essences of Falmouth, a hidden gem on Cornwall’s coastline, writes Vivien Yap

The theme park of hell

Would going a theme park filled with monstrous figures and fiendish underworld torture make you want to do more good deeds? Vivien Yap finds out

Join the High Society at the Rijksmuseum

With the Rijksmuseum’s High Society exhibition recently opened to the public on March 8, Zahia Siab gives us a sneak peak of what to expect

Las Fallas: Burning Valencia to the ground

Valencia welcomes Spring each year with the fiery Las Fallas fiesta that sees this coastal Spanish city going up in flames

The 10 best pilgrimages for modern travellers

Searching for spirituality or moral sanctuary? We unearth 10 of the best pilgrimages to cleanse the modern soul.

The five most surprising places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Dublin, Belfast, New York and Boston are obvious when it comes to St Patrick’s Day, but Ireland’s patron saint is also celebrated in places you wouldn’t expect

Truffle hunting in the south of France

Visitors to the south of France can treat themselves to truffle hunting, tasting and a world-famous market in Cahors

Valletta: an island-wide festa

2018 is the year to visit Valletta as the city celebrates its tenure as this year’s European Capital of Culture with gusto and awesome programs

The 20 craziest festivals in the world

Fancy yourself as a champion tuna thrower or perhaps you’d be better at wife carrying? Whatever your bag, we’ve got it covered in our weird festivals roundup

Christmas in Zurich

From mulled wine and chocolate treats, to impressive Christmas trees and sparkly festive lights, Christmas in Zurich is a magical occasion

New Zealand on a budget

Blessed with breathtaking landscapes, New Zealand attracts travellers including backpackers so here are top tips for travelling around New Zealand on a budget

Harbin ice and snow sculpture festival

Every winter, Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province, puts on a magical show with spectacular sculptures illuminated in bright colours

Discover the hidden gems of Gothenburg

With hip galleries, boutiques and cafes, and a strong local design and food scene, Gothenburg has become Sweden’s coolest city

Moniker Artist Profiles – Eelus, Sickboy and Fin Dac

Three artists talk to Rob Sandall about their very different approaches to urban art

It’s not just Banksy who’s bankable

Urban art is growing fast - and many artists make seriously good investments. Rob Sandall looks at the favourites at this week’s Moniker Art Fair

Israel’s tale of two cities: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Jerusalem's got the monuments, while Tel Aviv has the nightlife – that's what the brochures say, but is it the whole story?

Celebrating the Festival of Lights

Every autumn, millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world get ready to celebrate Diwali

Cyprus for foodies

With sun-kissed beaches, ancient ruins and tranquil villages, Cyprus offers an island escape to fit all – and it’s also a foodie destination in its own right

An essential (and fun) guide to Oktoberfest

Don your lederhosen and start polishing your stein glass – Oktoberfest is just around the corner, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever

Pucić Palace, Dubrovnik

Overlooking a cobblestone square in Dubrovnik's old town, this boutique hotel could be the perfect base to explore Croatia's historic city

London’s top 10 secret Shakespearean spots

From drinking dens and punch ups to prostitute graveyards and lost works, here are our top 10 secret Shakespearean spots in the city.

Which Greek islands are for you?

The Greek islands have it all - culture, clubbing, walking and water sports. The hardest thing is to choose which one to visit

Fighting the tide in Nova Scotia

Tidal bore rafting is testament to the timeless appeal of mindlessness. Gavin Haines reports from the brutal Bay of Fundy.

The Best Ice-Cream in London

The artisanal ice-cream industry is booming, and London has some world-class offerings. From gelato to sundaes, here are the best ice-creams in the capital

The Great American Eclipse

The first total eclipse of the sun for 100 years takes place in the USA in August, an event so astonishing it reduces many to tears. Here’s how it happens

Rwanda: open for business

After two decades of reconstruction Rwanda is blossoming as a beautiful country to visit.

Eight unique and quirky places to stay in South America

South America is one of the wilder continents and some of the places you can stay are equally outlandish. We choose 8 of the quirkier ones

The Best Street Art Tours

London, New York and Berlin have some of the most vibrant street art in the world. Why not take a tour?

From Coppola to Cliff Richard – six celebrity winery owners

There’s nothing so satisfying as sitting in the shade of your own vines with a glass of your own wine in your hand, a philosopher once said… these six celebrities would agree

The 10 Best Brunches in London and beyond

Brunch has exploded in popularity recently, so we’ve rounded up the best places to check out in London, Berlin, Paris, New York and Los Angeles

The Magnificent Six: the world’s greatest train journeys

Train aficionado Tom Zoellner shares his passion for the railways and lists his six favourite journeys.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

It’s not easy to get to, but once you’re there, you’ll be transfixed by its beauty. Matt Kirouac discovers the delights of the Big Bend National Park

Bats for Tequila: how the greater long-nosed bat keeps the agave alive

We might be wary of bats, but this useful mammal is key to the health and diversity of the agave – and of tequila and mezcal. By World Travel Guide staff

For Your Eyes Only: hidden Soviet relics of Eastern Europe

Peer behind the iron curtain and follow a trail of secret Soviet agents and KGB spies that once operated across Eastern Europe

Going off the trail in the Rockies

Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies is worth visiting.

City Highlight: San Francisco

Distinctive neighbourhoods, a renowned food scene and world-class museums give this beautiful city an enduring appeal, despite rapid gentrification.

Five tips: beating boredom on a longhaul flight

Terrified of long-haul flights? Here are five survival tips without a laptop or tablet

Snorkelling in Antarctica and other wild swims

From snorkelling in Antarctica to swimming with horses in Argentina, Ian Belcher explores some of the world’s most extraordinary ways to take a dip.

Chefchaouen, the green city

In an ancient town painted almost entirely blue, all the locals are smoking the green stuff. Donald Twain finds out where it's grown and sees, up close, how it's made right for the pipe.

Norway: on the edge of the world

Chris Swindells ventures into the unspoiled Sognefjord and visits a real life fairy tale fjord village.

10 travel restrictions you need to know

This guide to dishing out travel bans in 2017 doesn't just start and end with Donald Trump.

The fresh scent of spring: rose festivals around the world

We may not have travelled along a pathway of roses all of our lives, but we certainly can take time to find and smell some roses along the way.

10 fun facts about Vegas

What goes on in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but some of the crazier stories that originate from this hedonistic playground are just too good not to share

Top 6 cities to escape the Easter hordes

Booking a last-minute bargain may be paradise for the frugal traveller, but it’s a stressful black hole of browser tabs and supposed cut-price deals for the rest of us. But when it comes to the Easter period, is finding a quiet break at bargain basement prices simply too much to ask?

Finding Hemingway’s Havana

"Everything that you're about to see is exactly as it was when Hemingway left. When he shut the door, he expected to be back a few months later, but..."

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Most tourists are just searching for a towel-free sun lounger by the pool, but there are still some real mysteries out there worth searching a little harder for.

Okinawa: Japan’s forgotten paradise

From whale sharks to coral reefs, Japan's Okinawa prefecture is full of surprises. Joe Minihane discovers a new side to the country.

The 10 most romantic destinations in Europe

Romance is a deeply personal expression of love. It means different things to different couples.

Chinese New Year 2017: celebrating the year of the rooster in Singapore

The year of the Rooster begins on Saturday 28 January. Chinese families in all nations celebrate this colourful and joyous event with big family reunion dinners, heartfelt greetings of “Gongxi” and the gifting “HongBao” (money in red envelopes) to children and younger relatives.

Kazakhstan, a mesmerising fusion of east and west

The former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan is today stepping boldly into the future, its space age capital emerging from large swathes of land still virtually untouched by tourism, as Gilly Pickup discovers.

Mbalax and boomboxes: searching for a Senegalese tune in Dakar

On a trail of musical discovery, Darren Loucaides tries the road less travelled in the Senegalese capital Dakar and learns a valuable lesson in the process..

18 of the best live music venues in London

Live music and London have had a long and fruitful relationship, and nowadays there are many well-respected venues out there. Here are some of the best ones.

The best clubs for people who don’t like clubbing

Tired of BPM-obsessed bores, queue-jumping liggers and fascist security? Looking for a new clubbing experience? David Hillier explores ball pools, bondage gear and spa parties to find the best alternative club nights across Europe.

Bhutan or bust: selling shangri-la at a premium

Is the world's most expensive visa fee a way for tourists to pay for Bhutan's road to riches? Or is Bhutan truly the last Shangri-la? Kara Fox investigates.

Bio healing in Bled

Following Noel Edmonds' claims that a magnetic pad can cure cancer, Jane Alexander explores whether Zdenko Domančić's bio-energy healing weekend in Bled Slovenia makes for miracle cure or esoteric bullshit.

Going underground

Built in 1976, the Sonnenberg bunker in Lucerne, Switzerland, is one of the world’s largest civilian nuclear shelters, once intended to protect 20,000 people against nuclear threat at the height of the Cold War. Forty years on, Caroline Bishop imagines what it might have been like to be holed up there for two weeks with 19,999 others.

Your next travel buddy could be Bear Grylls

If you want a holiday that isn’t just good but spectacular, you should perhaps put more thought into who you go with. And Mike Peake suggests that the ultimate travel companion is a world-famous guide or explorer…

The illegal tattooists of South Korea

40 years on from the Sex Pistols' Lesser Free Trade Hall gig, Sirin Kale kicks off our Punk Week by delving into the inky underbelly of South Korea's illegal tattoo scene.

PMU bars, Piaf and protesting: The definitive guide to Paris

Jeremy Allen walks us through Paris proper with natural plonk, forgotten Piaf and plenty of spirited bonhomie.

Lluvia de Peces: Visiting the town that rains fish

Once a year, fish reportedly fall from the sky in the town of Yoro, Honduras. Is it a palpable example of divine intervention or is something fishy going on? Jack Palfrey investigates.

‘They’ll burn your boat’: Paddling against the patriarchy

Almost all of Venice's Gondolieri are men. Paula Hardy meets Jane Caporal, the renegade sticking her oar in to change all that.

The best travel photos of April 2016

From the Ghats of Varanasi in India to the beaches of Lithuania, we pick our favourite 10 photos submitted by our Instagram followers this month.

An afternoon inside Dublin’s anarchist squat

An autonomous arts hub or a squat for sore eyes? James Hendicott spends an afternoon inside the Grangegorman anarchist space that's dividing Dublin.

Dublin: A history through 10 peculiar objects

Spread across just four rooms, the Little Museum of Dublin retells the offbeat history of the Irish capital through an assortment of quirky items donated by residents. James Hendicott has a poke around.

The 9 quirkiest places to stay in Ireland

Looking for lodgings with a difference? From a self-catering pub to a coastal defence tower, we round up the most unusual places to spend the night in Ireland.

Drink, drugs and debauchery: The definitive guide to Dublin

Look, we couldn't knowingly send you to Temple Bar. Instead, local rapscallion James Hendicott drags us through the real Dublin - drink, drugs, debauchery and all.

Last tango in Buenos Aires

John Malathronas retells the story of Ireland's Rebecca O'Laoire, who went from dancing for pesos on Plaza Dorrego to become one of the best tango artistes in Argentina.

Forging new narratives in Cape Town

It was once described as an "apartheid dumping ground", but Cape Town's Langa Quarter has become one of the city's most exciting and optimistic districts. Chris Clark witnesses the revolution.

Sahara Desert: A marathon of resistance

Our correspondent, Beccy Allen, explains why she just ran through a refugee camp in the Saharan Desert.

Strange skiing: Off-piste in… Pakistan

A decade after being destroyed by the Taliban, Pakistan’s only ski resort is attempting a miraculous recovery. Christoph Schrahe straps on a set of very old skis and investigates the story of Malam Jabba.

Can pit parties save London’s music scene?

Over 40% of London's live music venues have closed in the last 10 years and gig prices have rocketed. Pit parties could offer an affordable alternative. Daniel Fahey seeks out the solution.

Is London losing its soul?

London's feted pubs, live music venues and independent shops are being replaced with bland flats and boring chains, turning a once-vibrant city into a monotonous metropolis. At least that's what the critics think, but do they have a point? Gavin Haines reports.

How to: Hike solo across Africa like an absolute hero

Yearning for adventure but hampered by the fear of flying solo? Take inspiration from the tale of Emily Hahn, a revolver-carrying, cross-dressing receptionist who single-handedly crossed the Congo on foot. Ailsa Ross reports.

Michelin scarred: Dining in San Sebastián’s worst-rated restaurant

In a city renowned for its culinary prestige, Jack Palfrey heads to San Sebastián’s worst-rated restaurant to test how deep the city’s gastronomic vein really runs.

The secret lives of sex tourists

Not everyone on holiday is looking for a tan. Marius Stankiewicz heads to Thailand’s most notorious red-light districts to speak with tourists who are seeking sex.

Top 10 things to see and do in San Sebastián

From surfboards to cemeteries, via a nibble on a pintxos or three, we select the best activities to sample in San Sebastián, the European Capital of Culture 2016.

Strange skiing: Off-piste in… Kyrgyzstan

In the penultimate entry of our strange skiing series, Tristan Kennedy hits the slopes of Kyrgyzstan, sampling fermented horse milk and the bloody sport of buzkashi as he goes.

Surviving the Battle of the Oranges

In this pithy piece, Karl Webster squeezes the juicy gossip from Italy's Battle of the Oranges, so citrus yourself down and take in a slice of the action.

Wrocław, through the eyes of an artist

“Everybody can draw and paint,” muses Katarzyna Śmigielska, leading me along Wrocław’s cobbled streets. “The process is important, not [the] final result.”

Strange skiing: Off-piste in… Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in the newspapers, but never the travel pages. It’s surreal to step off a plane and feel safe.

Palma: Dancing with the devil

Fire-wielding men dressed as the devil chase Gavin Haines through the streets of Palma de Mallorca. The festive season is upon us.

In pictures: Geilo Ice Music Festival

Next month, Norway will host a festival dedicated to the dulcet sounds of 'ice music'. Marie Peyre gives us a preview of what's to come.

Hamburg’s XXX-mas market

Christmas isn't Christmas without pubic toupees and porn karaoke. So says Stuart Forster, who groans his way around Europe's "sexiest" festive market (in Germany, obviously).

Strange skiing: Off-piste in… North Korea

In the second of our strange skiing series, Tim Neville reports from the propaganda-lined pistes of Masikryong, North Korea’s best (and only) ski resort.

Eat, spray, love: Top 10 red-light districts

Many guides gloss over red-light districts, which is a shame because they provide unique and titillating insights into a city's character. We take a peek at the colourful underbellies of 10 very different cities.

Amsterdam: A tour with the whores

Two of Holland's most famous hookers give Gavin Haines the ultimate introduction to Amsterdam's red-light district.

Burning the Prime Minister in Lewes

410 years on from the Gunpowder Plot, David Hillier heads to Lewes in East Sussex to watch the Prime Minister go up in flames among the chaos of Bonfire Night.

A postcard from Western Sahara

It’s 40 years today since Western Sahara was annexed by Morocco, but life goes on in this disputed and forgotten land. Campaigner, Beccy Allen, recalls her first visit to the territory.

Rocking with Ottery’s rollers

Every 5 November, residents of a small town in Devon risk serious injury by carrying flaming tar barrels through the town’s streets. We send Emilee Tombs to find out why. 

Strange skiing: Off-piste in… Georgia

In the first of our new strange skiing series, William Everett drinks brandy, eats khachapuri and gets fondled on the slopes of Gudauri, Georgia.

Why Ecuadorians thrash their children with nettles

Gavin Haines meets the traditional healers of Quito, who flay children with herbs and do strange things with guinea pigs.

Is spontaneous travel dead?

Armed with just a toothbrush, a worn passport and £150 in cash, we send Jack Palfrey to investigate if it's still efficacious to travel on a whim.

In pictures: The Last Iceman of Ecuador

Our photographer, Gavin Haines, chronicles the extraordinary life of Baltazar Ushca, who climbs Ecuador's highest mountain every week to collect ice from its glacier. Fridge-freezers have all but killed his trade, but he makes the perilous journey regardless.

Keeping old traditions alive in Ecuador

Gavin Haines scales Ecuador's highest peak with Baltazar Ushca, a local celebrity defiantly plying his trade in a defunct industry.

A new way to explore Amsterdam

Having a backie with a local is the latest way of getting around Amsterdam. Gavin Haines goes for a hair-raising ride across the Dutch capital.

Why are Amsterdam’s coffeeshops closing?

One of Amsterdam’s most popular coffeeshops ceased trading yesterday, as the crackdown on the red-light district continues. Gavin Haines reports.

A postcard from the World’s Most Dangerous City

It’s February 15, 1493. A 41-year-old Christopher Columbus lounges on the deck of the Niña, a small Portuguese sailing ship, as it cuts through the Atlantic Ocean.

On his knee rests a letter, addressed to the monarchy of Spain, detailing the findings of the first voyage to the New World.

Britain’s 10 quirkiest attractions

As the enigmatic street artist, Banksy, opens his own bemusement park in Weston-Super-Mare, we take a look at some of Britain's other weird attractions.

Why Wales loves bog snorkelling

As part of a tradition dating back 30 years, Jack Palfrey goes snorkelling… in a bog.

The remaking of Rwanda

It was once a synonym for strife, but Rwanda has become one of Africa's most exciting destinations. Gavin Haines reports from its colourful capital, Kigali.

Paws for thought in St Petersburg

The labyrinthine catacombs of the Hermitage Museum are home to an army of felines, whose story is as colourful as the exhibits they guard. Gavin Haines reports.

Absinthe: Notes on a mind-altering drink

100 years ago, absinthe was banned across much of Europe. Daniel Fahey heads to its birthplace, Val-de-Travers in Switzerland, for a taste of its underground distillation scene.

Top 10 poetry pilgrimages

From Shakespeare's Stratford to Borges' Buenos Aires, we explore the destinations that inspired our greatest poets and examine the marks they left behind.

Mallorca: A poet’s pilgrimage

Gavin Haines heads to the Mallorcan mountains, which inspired prodigious prose from one of Britain's seminal writers.

5 of the best conservation holidays

From monitoring wolves in the Carpathian Mountains to waxing historic floors, options abound for benevolent travellers.

Surviving Nepal’s earthquake

 A Nepalese tour guide recounts his experience of the April earthquakes and tells James Hendicott how residents are coping in the aftermath.

Navigating Nepal, now the dust has settled

Two months after catastrophic earthquakes devastated communities and brought sacred landmarks to the ground, Ruth-Ellen Davis looks at whether it's time to go back to Nepal.

Can citizen science help save our oceans?

Gavin Haines explores the protected coral reefs of Tioman Island in Malaysia – all in the name of science.

Is the party over for France’s oldest street festival?

Facing budget cuts and a shift in cultural identity, is it curtains for Le Panier's raucous street party? Chris Allsop, mojito in hand, investigates.

In pictures: A seaside town reborn

After years of neglect Britain's seaside towns are enjoying a renaissance and Margate is blazing the trail. Gavin Haines finds out more from the bohemian coastal town.

Medellín: A cocaine capital in rehab

Decades of violence saw Medellín ranked as the world's most dangerous place, but now Colombia's second city has staged a remarkable comeback. How did it do it, asks Darren Loucaides.

The other Congo: Brazzaville rising

The little-explored Republic of Congo is striving to move away from the shadow cast by its difficult history and notorious neighbour, the DRC. Christopher Clark heads to Congo's fast-growing capital, Brazzaville, to meet the young artists helping their country step into the light.

La Jeune Rue: An improbable feast

Last year a French property tycoon bought an entire street in Paris, hoping to turn it into a foodie haven. But were his eyes bigger than his belly? Daniel Fahey finds out.

Which Singapore are you?

Singapore is a boring business city with less culture than a low fat yogurt. Or is it? Gavin Haines finds out.

The secret world of cheese rolling

With competitors set to chase a cheese down one of the steepest hills in Gloucestershire again, we send Daniel Fahey to Cooper's Hill to find out more.

Has English whisky finally come of age?

Gavin Haines sinks a few drams in Norfolk, where the great English whisky revival is gathering pace.

In search of Barbizon, the bohemian village

After unearthing three etchings in a soggy car boot sale, David Middleton goes in search of the place they depict and discovers Barbizon, France's bohemian village.

Frontier spirit: A dispatch from the Whisky Trail

Chris Allsop treks Speyside's Malt Whisky Trail, once the stomping ground for smugglers and illicit distillers, now the beating heart of Scotland's whisky industry.

Christiania: Is this the end of Denmark’s free town?

10 years after the Danish government began 'normalising' Christiania, Alex Fahey heads to Copenhagen to see what has become of the free town.

Norway’s nomads: Life as a Sami reindeer herder

Chris Allsop makes his way to snow-blanketed northern Norway to see how the Sami people are using tourism to maintain their ancient way of life.

Tech and San Francisco: CTRL, Alt, Delete?

We sent Lillian Marx to San Francisco, smartphone in hand, to see how technology is transforming the city and the tourism industry.

The 9 best coffee pilgrimages in the world

From the home of coffee to the grandest coffee houses of Europe, we round up the nine best coffee pilgrimages on the planet.

Discovering the spirit of Istanbul in Berlin

In the wake of Berlin’s annual Spirit of Istanbul Festival, Emilee Tombs ventures to Kreuzberg to find out how a “temporary” Turkish community has rooted itself into the German capital.

Over and Alps: Can artificial snow save skiing in Europe?

Rising temperatures and inconsistent snowfall turned some skiing vacations into hiking holidays this season, so is artificial snow the answer?

Licence to drill: Fracking our green and pleasant land

They inspire artists, provoke poets and generate $600bn a year through tourism, but are some of the world's most cherished national parks under threat from fracking? Corinne Elliott investigates.

Welcome to Britain’s most radical city

We explore Bristol, the European Green Capital for 2015, and find a world of innovation, ethical living and a bus run on poo.

Is it the end of the line for InterRail?

Inter-railing around Europe has been a rite of passage for backpackers since the 1970s, but is its appeal waning? Our resident rail anorak, Gavin Haines, investigates.

10 things to see and do in Mons

Van Gogh came here to be a preacher and every year locals slay a dragon. Welcome to Mons, says Rudolf Abraham, European Capital of Culture 2015.

Returning from the End of the World

A valley near Engelberg in Switzerland is known as the End of the World. Wondered what's there? Daniel Fahey went to find out.

Is Aberdeen Scotland’s most dismal city?

Aberdeen has just been named Scotland's most dismal place, but are things really that bad? Nick Bruno investigates.

Has Nicaragua been sold down the river?

Protests, precious rainforest and one of the world’s poorest countries – Darren Loucaides asks if the Nicaragua Canal will turn out to be a poisoned chalice.

A dispatch from the Haggis Hurling Championships

David Hillier heads to Robert Burns' cottage in Alloway, South Ayrshire to take part in one of the UK's weirdest sports – haggis hurling.

Paradise Lost: Can the Philippines preserve Siargao Island?

A little-known surf paradise in the Philippines is about to get a big wave of tourism. Emilee Tombs asks if Siargao can preserve the very thing that attracted people to it in the first place.

Cracks in the ice: why the race to the North Pole isn’t over

As Denmark becomes the latest country to formally claim ownership of the North Pole, Daniel Fahey recounts the bizarre tale of Arctic exploration so far.

Road trip: Argentina’s undiscovered northwest

An otherworldly land of volcanoes, salt flats, blue lagoons, deserts and canyons – Coralie Modschiedler reports from north Argentina's undiscovered Salta province.

WTG Readers’ Travel Photo Competition: The winners

In our first readers' travel photography competition, we asked for your best travel snaps of 2014. From bustling cityscapes to unusual sights and animal encounters, we reveal our top 3 readers' photos of 2014.

10 things to see and do in Plzeň (Pilsen)

A rugged, working class city best known for making cars and brewing beer, Plzeň will take its crown as European Capital of Culture in 2015. Gavin Haines finds the Czech city a worthy heir.

Competition: Readers’ best photos 2014

Send us your best travel photos from 2014 for your chance to win £75, plus a host of other top prizes.

Castaway on Lady Elliot Island, Australia

Basking near Australia's continental shelf, Marie Barbieri loses herself among marine creatures of all colours and contours on Lady Elliot Island.

Walking with dragons in Indonesia

While Komodo Island is internationally famous for its dragons, few tourists ever visit neighbouring Rinca Island. Mark Eveleigh reports from what could be the most spectacularly dramatic predator territory on the planet.

Taking a walk on the wild side in Zambia

With its bountiful wildlife, new lodges and crowd-free parks, Zambia is one of the world's hottest safari destinations, says Lauren Jarvis.

Uncovering Mexico City’s culinary identity

Lucy Purdy has her taste buds seduced in a city whose rich and interwoven culinary heritage is just one way it is rewriting a reputation for danger.

How Helsinki sparked a restaurant revolution

Gavin Haines visits an abandoned abattoir in Helsinki, which is changing the concept of eating out for millions of diners.

Truffle hunting in Italy

In Piedmont's gastronomic wonderland, the white truffle is king. Chris Allsop travelled to an oak grove in northwest Italy to unearth his own fungal jackpot.

The 10 weirdest restaurants in the world

If you've never been spanked by your waitress or dined in a public toilet, then you're not eating at the right places. We round up the world's weirdest restaurants.

Drink like a local in Prague

From neighbourhood boozers to backstreet breweries, Gavin Haines sidesteps the stag-dos to unearth the best bars in Prague.

7 travel stories you shouldn’t miss this week

From giants in Patagonia to Japan's condom cookbook, we round up this week's 7 best travel stories from around the world.

When travel goes wrong: I was rescued by the Bolivian Air Force

When travel goes wrong: the incredible story of Jennie Wagstaff, whose jeep got stuck in the middle of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Flagstaff: A shining star on Route 66

Nestled amongst the pine forests of Arizona, Flagstaff is more than just a quick stop en route to the Grand Canyon. William David Wilson peels off Route 66 and discovers a beguiling city with Old West charm and bountiful natural wonders.

Exploring Saskatchewan, the Land of the Living Skies

The longhorn reared its enormous head and eyed me knowingly. ‘Please don’t charge,’ I uttered politely. All the reassurance that had come with my authentic cowboy hat had shattered, and as the bull's legs began to start up, like a plane propeller kicking into life, I realised how dangerously under qualified I was for this role.

15 microadventures to try this weekend

Bored? Skint? Get out there and try one of our top 15 microadventures this weekend.

I visited Buzludzha, an abandoned Communist Party HQ

David Hillier unwittingly stumbles upon Bulgaria's Buzludzha, the ex-Communist Party headquarters in the clouds.

Unlocking the secrets of St James’s Way

From headless saints to homicidal poets, David Middleton unlocks the secrets of St James's Way, Europe's most famous pilgrimage route.

Learning to surf at the Gate of Hell

We sent Daniel Fahey to the very cusp of the known world to catch some Chinese monsters. Here's how he got on.

Searching for whale sharks in Utila, Honduras

Samantha Wilson heads to Útila in Honduras in search of Old Tom, the legendary barnacle-encrusted whale shark who has plied the waters for decades.

Smooth sailing in new look Panama City

Sarah Gilbert takes a trip down the Panama Canal on its 100th birthday – but it's a rejuvenated Panama City that really floats her boat.

Finding hidden treasures in Palau

Samantha Wilson dons her snorkel gear and slips beneath the waves in Palau, where UNESCO listed reefs, WWII wrecks and friendly jellyfish await.

Island hopping in the Sporades, Greece

Self-professed musical enthusiast Jack Palfrey visits the Greek Sporades, setting of 2008 hit film <em>Mama Mia!</em>, only to leave with more than he bargained for, including one hell of a hangover.

Bozcaada: the Turkish island where time gave up

I stopped writing love letters a long time ago. Perhaps I stopped falling in love. Yet here I sit, foolish with infatuation, attempting this torturous art form again.

Falling hook, line and sinker for Lofoten, Norway

The Lofoten Islands in Norway offer epic vistas, remote art installations and the best fish burgers Rudolf Abraham has tasted. But the archipelago faces an uncertain future.

How Bermuda is reinventing itself

Labelled as an island for 'newly-weds and nearly deads', Estella Shardlow investigates whether Bermuda has anything new to offer the modern traveller.

Scared witless in Wales

Daniel Fahey heads to Wales for a weekend of downhill mountain biking and gorge walking in Owain Glyndŵr country.

The 20 best bars and restaurants in Sao Paulo

As the World Cup kicks off we send our roaming gourmand, Daniel Fahey, to find the best bars and restaurants in São Paulo.

A chef’s guide to eating and drinking in Salvador

We chat to Brazilian chef Edinho Engel, who reveals the best bars and restaurants in sultry Salvador, Bahia.

The thrill of the chase: Pamplona

Forget jumping out of a plane – if you need an adrenaline rush, test your mettle at the Running of the Bulls. Damien Gabet reports from Pamplona.

Hunting with Bushmen in Namibia

As Ruth Styles discovers, a trip into the wild with Namibia’s San people means swapping air-conditioned safari vehicles for survival skills and poison-tipped arrows.

Can a festival cure life’s common complaints?

Whether you’re wracked with remorse or wrecked by workplace worry, our resident Festival Doctor can offer a cure through festival form.

An insider’s guide to Belfast

We chat up three distinguished locals to unearth the best bars, restaurants and shops in Belfast.

Whisky, walking and wild living in Scotland

Daniel Fahey tackles the barrelled bounties of Galloway Forest Park with little more than a bottle of whisky.

Grape Escape: England’s best vineyards

As English wines grow ever more popular, winning numerous awards and being stocked in supermarkets, it seems Britain's in the grip of an unlikely love affair with the plonk. Jane Duru silences her inner sceptic with a tour around the Three Choirs Vineyard.

The 20 best beaches in Britain

There’s never been a better time for a Great British beach holiday. Gavin Haines grabs his bucket and spade.

Rwanda rediscovered

It's been 20 years since the end of the civil war that rocked Rwanda. But now the country is emerging out of the shadows, and with tourism on the rise, the time is ripe for uncovering what this corner of Africa has to offer.

A chef’s guide to the best restaurants in Shanghai

World Travel Guide catches up with celebrity chef and man about town, Paul Pairet, for a culinary tour of Shanghai.

How the world changed forever in Sarajevo

It’s nearly a century since events in Sarajevo changed the course of history. Gavin Haines learns more in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital, a city defined for better and worse, by its tumultuous past.

Searching for the best beer in Brooklyn

After touring New York's most famous brewery, a still thirsty Joe Minihane goes in search of the best beer bars in Brooklyn.

A bore no more: Washington loosens up

Long perceived as the staid domain of fat-cat politicians, dusty old museums and dry monuments, Washington, DC is slowly transforming, as hip new bars and chic boutiques move in. Drop the jacket and loosen that tie; Washington's got a new spring in its step.

Where to find the best chocolate in Brussels

Lauren Razavi learns the art of chocolate making and reveals the best places to try and buy chocolate in Brussels.

Rome in a day? To 753 BC and back by bedtime

British Airways is launching day-return tickets to six European cities. Our super-mini guides explain how to get the most out of these destinations.

Ten of the best things to do in Budapest

As Wes Anderson’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, hits the big screen, we round up the best things to do in the Hungarian capital.

Riga vs Umeå: Capitals of Culture go head to head

We pick apart this year's Capitals of Culture. Who will win - Latvia's dazzling capital, Riga, or the Arctic Circle splendour of Sweden's Umeå?

Beautiful fusion: Gourmet skiing in Italy

Inspired by the Winter Olympics, Gary Noakes hits the slopes of Alta Badia in Italy, where his athletic ambitions are shattered by the resort’s gourmet offerings.

Sochi under the spotlight

The Winter Olympics has put Sochi firmly on the international travel map, but what'll be there for visitors after the Olympic circus leaves town?

Review: Photography tour, Santiago

Budding snapper, Cherry Casey, gets a new perspective on Santiago during a photography tour of the Chilean capital.

Cruising gets cool

If you thought cruising was for old people then think again – record numbers of twenty-somethings are taking to the waves.

Life on the edge

If you get a kick from living life on the edge, then you'll enjoy our round up of some of the world's most intrepid travel adventures. Just make sure you take out insurance before you try any of the following stunts.

Beyond St Lucia’s beaches

Looking for a winter sun destination with beautiful beaches, majestic scenery and activities? Try St Lucia. Situated only 322km (200 miles) north of Venezuela, between the islands of St Vincent, Barbados and Martinique, this tropical haven may be small, but the diversity of its scenery certainly won't leave you disappointed.

Unwinding in Izmir: a Turkish delight

If you're in need of some late season sunshine and relaxation, Izmir makes a great place to unwind, says Jane Duru.

Cruising the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are the most extraordinary archipelago on the planet and if you're planning on visiting, then do it soon. Gavin Haines explains why, when and how after dancing with a sea lion.

A gourmet’s guide to Argentina

Argentina is famous for its beef – arguably the best in the world – but that's not all it's good for. Jane Duru takes a culinary tour outside the capital of Buenos Aires to discover what foodie experiences lie beyond.

All aboard The Ghan

Between tropical Darwin and arid Adelaide, The Ghan scythes along Australia's red heart on one of the world's most iconic train journeys. Words and pictures by Marie Barbieri.

Gaudí’s Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí's beautification of Barcelona earned him the moniker 'God's architect', but his masterpiece remains unfinished after 130 years in the making. Gavin Haines finds out why on a Gaudí-themed tour of the city.

Scilly season: Exploring the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are a wildlife-spotter's dream in summer, with nesting puffins, seals and bats among the species to be discovered on these charming islands off Cornwall, finds Caroline Bishop.

Firths and fortresses: A drive in the Scottish Highlands

Peppered with majestic lochs, magical castles and abundant wildlife, the Scottish Highlands provide a true insight into ‘real’ Scotland. Patrick Thorne gets behind the wheel to explore this mystical area on an all-encompassing road trip.

Summer in the city: Gothenburg

Midnight sun, chilled out vibes, cool summer hangouts, and one of Sweden's most exciting dining scenes: when it comes to summer city breaks with an edge, Gothenburg is the place to be. Coralie Modschiedler heads up north with bmi regional to uncover the highlights of Sweden's emerging cultural and culinary hotspot: Gothenburg.

Adventures in Alentejo

Sprawling across one third of the country, Portugal's Alentejo region offers wild, empty coastlines, shimmering lakes and rolling hills - a picturesque playground for adventure lovers. Tina Banerjee tests her mettle with some outdoor pursuits.

Glorious Dalyan

Nourish your body on a yoga break in the beautiful Turkish town of Dalyan but you'll find that turtle spotting and mud baths are therapeutic too, writes Lorenza Bacino.

Active in Annecy

Getting fit doesn't have to mean pounding the treadmill at the gym. Instead a fitness holiday may be just the ticket to boost your health. Lucy Fry puts her body to the test amid the stunning French scenery of Lake Annecy.

Hidden splendours: Genoa

Known primarily as a bustling port and believed to be the birthplace of explorer Christopher Columbus, Genoa is overlooked by many visitors to Italy. Discover a captivating city boasting a plethora of historic palaces. Words and pictures by William David Wilson.

An epicurean feast through Ecuador

Any chef worth their salt will tell you the key to good food is fresh produce – and Ecuador has plenty of that. Its mountainous haciendas and tropical plantations offer rich pickings for gourmets, who are reinventing Ecuadorian cuisine and establishing this small nation as the gastro capital of South America. Gavin Haines grabs a fork.

Pure shores: World’s best beaches

Dust off your shades and dig out your sandals – we've rounded up the best beaches around the world, from quintessential paradise to bare-it-all glam.

Fort Myers: Discovering the alternative Florida

Shell-strewn beaches, artist enclaves and old-world charm mark Fort Myers and the surrounding islands off Florida’s Gulf Coast as a laid-back alternative to the state’s skyscrapers and theme parks, says Jonny Payne.

Senegal: A shortcut to the tropics

From beaches and birdwatching to hedonism and history, Europeans are falling for Senegal’s many charms, as Gavin Haines did while discovering the diverse West African nation at first hand.

Joining the jet set in Bodrum

Bodrum was once seen primarily as a package holiday destination, but diamond-encrusted watches are replacing all-inclusive wristbands in the Turkish resort as it grows in popularity amongst the jet set, says Jonny Payne.

Alaska: The last great wilderness

Abundant in wild animals that roam vast lands and icy waters, Alaska is where imagination is surpassed by reality. Samantha Wilson avoids the well-trodden cruise ship trail and goes behind the wheel to explore the state's unspoilt landscapes.

An encounter with Jack the Ripper’s East London

2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the crimes committed by notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. Julianna Flamio steps back in time on a tour of the East End to find out more about the streets terrorised by the unidentified Victorian murderer.

Burma (Myanmar) uncovered

Buzzing with amazing new hotels, vast temple ruins and stunning ethnic cuisine, Burma is South East Asia's newest hotspot. With political reform finally on top of the agenda, now is the perfect time to go, before development really begins to take hold. Joe Minihane uncovers Burma's most breathtaking sights.

Back to Beirut

Beirut may bear the scars of its tumultuous past but the Lebanese capital is on the up again. Gary Noakes returns to the city after 15 years and discover that you need plenty of stamina to live like a local.

Beyond the glitz and glam in St Moritz

St Moritz might be famous for its glitz and glamour – and it does offer plenty of that – but the Swiss resort also has a lot more for curious winter sports enthusiasts, from snowkiting and bobsleigh runs to night skiing and partying on the slopes.

Sliding through God’s own country

Journey along Kerala's sleepy waterways in style on the Oberoi's Motor Vessel Vrinda and discover a land so lush and beautiful that it's known as 'God's own country'.

Botswana: A tale of two safaris

From lion-tackling to hunting with bows and arrows, ancient traditions still endure across wildlife-rich Botswana. Lesley Stones journeys to the sprawling Kalahari and flooded Okavango Delta for two spectacular safaris, minus the crowds.

Lions amongst the fynbos: South Africa’s Garden Route safari

If spectacular footage of South Africa during David Attenborough’s BBC series Africa has somehow failed to inspire an African adventure, maybe the lure of an up-close-and-personal safari off the popular Garden Route will do the trick. We sent Jonny Payne to explore Gondwana Private Game Reserve near Mossel Bay.

Exploring the Portes du Soleil ski region

Ski resorts the world over have a wealth of attractions off the slopes, none more so than the Portes du Soleil region on the French-Swiss border. Mark Frary discovers traditional villages, artisan industries and foodie delights during a visit to the wide-ranging area.

Lapland beyond the Northern Lights

Lapland and the Northern Lights is one of those lifetime trips on everyone's travel wishlist. And with 2013 announced as one of the best years in over a decade to see the lights, now is a fantastic time to go. But is there more to Lapland than this weather-dependent natural phenomenon? Coralie Modschiedler finds out.

Learning to dive in Tobago

With its coconut palms and white sand beaches, Tobago is the quintessential Caribbean island. In its cerulean waters are some of the world’s best diving sites replete with marine life. Ruth Styles is keen to take the plunge but faces one small problem: a fear of fish.

California: Kingdom of Giants

Staggeringly beautiful and literally scraping the skies, California's ancient redwoods are amongst the tallest on the planet. Louise Hanzlik enjoys a unique perspective of these spectacular goliaths on a scenic drive along the Redwood Highway.

Volcano trekking in Panama

Climbing up a volcano and seeing two oceans at once when you reach the top is what adventure is all about. With little in the way of fitness but thirsty for adventure, Coralie Modschiedler attempts the climb of her life in Panama. Little did she know how challenging it would be…

Snowboarding for beginners: Cervinia

What could be so difficult about planting two feet on a skateboard without wheels and gliding effortlessly down a snowy piste? A lot, as it turns out. Jane Duru harnesses the power of positive thinking, with a beginner's snowboarding trip to Cervinia in the Italian Alps.

Undiscovered Mexico

Head off the beaten track on a road trip through Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, and discover the true home of the Maya.

Designer’s delight: Shopping in Cape Town

Sun, sea, surf - Cape Town has them all in spades. But as the city holds its tenth year of fashion week, Jane Duru goes shopping in search of the burgeoning fashion scene that's turning the Cape into Africa's coolest sartorial capital.

Stylish beach resorts

Beach holidays aren’t all about lazing on the sand with a book and a mission to tan. Proximity to the sea also means great diving opportunities, fresh seafood and peaceful solitude. Whether you’re a night owl or a sporting enthusiast, here’s a range of beach resorts that offer more to satisfy your appetite than just a brief paddle in the surf.

A voyage through Guilin’s Yangshuo County

Guilin - located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in the southeast of China - is renowned for its unique karst landscapes and bounteous opportunity for outdoor pursuits. Biju Sukumaran explores Guilin’s awe-inspiring Yangshuo County by cycle, raft and on foot in an unforgettable journey.

Dalmatian jewel

Twenty years after being ravaged by war, Dubrovnik has become one of the world’s most beautiful seafront cities drawing food-lovers, island-hoppers and cultural nomads, all keen to sample a taste of this Adriatic pearl.

A thrilling taste of Arabia

Oman’s moody, jagged mountains, vast untamed desert and rugged coastline inspire adventure. From shark diving to mountain biking, Jade Bremner enjoys some of the best thrills Zighy Bay has to offer.

Jump aboard the Orient-Express

Immortalized in an Agatha Christie novel, the Orient-Express proudly evokes travel from a bygone age. With lavish carriages and extravagant cuisine, the train attracts rail and history buffs and fans of fine dining. US visitor Tessa ten Cate jumps aboard for a day trip through the English countryside to find out whether the allure lives up to the hype.

From spies to saunas: a weekend in Tampere

Fancy a city break in Finland? Then look beyond the bright lights of Helsinki's big city, and head up north to the lakes region. Here, amongst the surrounding splendour of the lagoons, bays, and creeks, you'll find quirky Tampere, a city which has managed to repurpose the old into the new, and regenerate a charm all of its own.

Gourmet Traveller: A taste of Wales

If you thought Welsh food just meant leeks, think again. A growing number of producers are focusing on locally sourced, organic fare ranging from cheese to breads and meat. William Dave Wilson whets his appetite on a culinary tour of Wales.

Luxury apartment stays

Going abroad and seeking home comforts combined with hotel chic? Book a stay in a luxury apartment, says Jane Duru, and enjoy a holiday in which you get to live like a well-heeled local, but with none of the cleaning up to do when you leave.

Unlocking the secrets of Basilicata, Italy

Love Italy but tired of tourist-packed cities and overcrowded beaches? Head south to the country's last undiscovered region: Basilicata. Never heard of it? That's why you should go, says Coralie Modschiedler. Away from the crowds, discover rock cities, cave hotels, the highest and fastest zip wire in the world, and Francis Ford Coppola's stunning new boutique hotel.

Golfing hotspots

Love golf? Adore travel? Then combine the two and head for some of the hottest fairways to sporting heaven. If you’re looking for somewhere away from the well-travelled golfing areas, tee off in Tunisia, try Tallinn in Estonia, or perhaps revisit Europe’s recent equivalent of golfing gold rush territory, Turkey, says Kevin Nash.

Discovering the charms of America’s heartland

When travellers think 'America', they think of sunny California or the crisp charms of New York. Yet America's heartland – that chunk of country wedged right in the centre, brimming with prairies and farmland – attests to the untapped potential of 'real' America. From Omaha's indie music scene to Minnesota's 10,000 lakes, discover America's hidden heartland with our insider tips.

The Only Way Is Essex: An insider’s guide

Essex; home of birds, booze and boobs or so ITV docu-soap The Only Way Is Essex would have you believe. The series, which follows a cast of real life twenty-somethings, has prompted a spike in hotel bookings to the county. We dig deep to uncover what the real Essex has to offer.

Travel to Iran

Iran has been branded with the Axis of Evil label but is one of the friendliest countries in the world. Jini Reddy debunks the myths about this Middle Eastern pariah state.

Unforgettable Delhi

As Delhi prepares to host the Commonwealth Games in six months, we explore some of the city’s most colourful attractions from sari shopping to Bollywood dancing.

Spring beach breaks

If you can't wait until summer to get your sun and sand fix, here are some ideas to help you enjoy the beach without the crowds or the searing heat.

Alternative Swiss ski holidays

When you've this many slopes it would be a shame to waste them. Catherine Quinn discovers why the Swiss have cornered the market on outlandish ways to travel downhill.

Skiing holidays for beginners

Know the difference between a mogul and a piste? Between a traverse and a schuss? Learn to ski with our guide to the world's top ski resorts for novices and you'll sound like an expert in no time.

Timbuktu: City of legend

Consider yourself to be an adventurous traveller? A visit to the remote, semi-mythical African city of Timbuktu proves that real travel is all about the journey as well as the destination, as Greg Cook discovers.